Farm Day around the corner.

Posted 5/29/2012
Well June is just about here.... We butchered over 140 chickens last week, ground most of them (whole) into raw dog food chubs.  Saved some for us and are smoking a few for farm day.  Looks like the chicken side of it is dialed in.  We have decided on Freedom Rangers for our meat chickens.  The Cornish Cross are just not healthy looking .... and had too many problems.  Our lamb flock is growing...  new lambs born here and new purchases as well.  This fall we will have lot's of beef due to the Red Angus is not good with calves.  Emu hatching this year is over, not keeping any chicks this year have decided to sell them all.  (We still have 30 so there will be emu meat next year!)  Turkeys will be ready for November  as will the ducks.  Incubators are full with Muscovy eggs, should start hatching in the next 2 weeks or so. The fish system has just a few more kinks to work out, but the test fish is now enjoying some new company for the fist time in month.  There wast is fertilizing lot's of tomatoes and some herbs, peppers, cucumbers and other various test plants.  Garden is planted, and new seeds are replacing the plants starts n the greenhouse.  As you can see we are just about ready for your 2013 CSA orders.  If you have the time please stop by Saturday June 2nd and get to know the farmers that will be growing your food next year.  We would love to meet you.