Bonnie and Clyde -  Our oldest emu on the farm at just over 20 years old...  Our first emu. Bonnie and Clyde where very patient with me when I was fist getting into emu.  They have taught me more than any emu book on the market.  They taught me a healthy respect for thier breed and are my best freinds.

Bill, Hillary and Monica  - Bill and Hillary were the next to arrive on the farm, and taught me important lessons on fencing, especially between emu pens.  A little more stand off-ish but very prolific layers.  Monica joined a year later making my first of many trios.  It is not uncommon to collect 100 eggs a year from this pen.

Unfortunatly, as in many farms for profit, name turn into numbers.  like P2m (pen #2 male) or P2f1 or P2f2 (pen #2 female #1 or 2)  Record keeping is a must with any breeding program.  Breeding desired traights is very important.  We breed for fat content, eggs per year, size, and temperment.  We currently have 14 hens in our breeding program giving us about  550 eggs a year.

We sell live chicks every year as well as eggs for incubating.  This comming season we will be hatching 200 to 300 chicks.  Selling only 50 to 100.   We will be keeping 150 chicks this year for market. 

We are always willing to talk emu... So schedule an appointment to stop on by, we would love to have you.

For hatching eggs or chicks for pick-up or to be mailed contact us as soon as possible to be put on the list.